Oct 3, 2013

My Last Post Here... Will You Come With Me?

Hi everybody!!  I know I still have some email subscribers and Facebook fans for AdventuresinSavings.com and I'm so thankful that you've hung around even when I stopped posting here.

This is one last post to let you know that I will not be posting here anymore.  For now the site will stay up but as soon as the hosting I've paid for runs out, this site will go away.

However, I'd love for you to join me on my other blogs!  Most of you probably know that I do most of my posting over at RoseBakes.com these days.  Cake is my business and I love to write about it.

But in addition to my cake blog, I've recently started RoseAtwater.com.  A blog where I share more about me.

At RoseAtwater.com, I'll share about the girl behind the apron.  I'll share about being a mommy, being a wife, learning as a homeschool teacher, trying to save money, my Christianity, trying to lose weight and much more.  This is where I'd love for you to join me (especially if you aren't into my cakes)!

I'd absolutely love for you to join me on one or both of those blogs!!   You can find them both on Facebook (here and here) or subscribe to one or all of my email newsletters here.

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