Apr 1, 2011

It's Mega Swagbucks Friday:: What is Swag Bucks anyway?

Today is Mega Swagbucks Friday, but instead of my usual post about my Christmas savings (still at $215 by the way), I thought I'd do a little explaining.

Last Friday on my Facebook page, Sheha left the following comment:
I am so confused by these swag bucks...I see people finding them but I can't find any codes at all and really don;t know where to put them on my toolbar...help please?
So, I thought I'd try to give you a simple explanation... or as simple as I can make it.

Swagbucks is a rewards program and you are rewarded primarily by searching the internet.  Instead of searching on Google or Yahoo, you use Swagbucks instead.

To make this easier, you should make Swag Bucks your primary search engine and install the toolbar.  I’ve previously written step-by-step instructions on how to do this here. Just click over there to get the details!

From there, just search.  Search like you normally would, but also search for your email provider instead of typing it in (search “gmail” instead of typing “www.gmail.com”).  Search for your bank, Facebook, Amazon, or any other website that you frequent.

From time to time (usually at least 2-3 times per day if you're online regularly),  you’ll WIN!  This is what it’ll look like…I searched "how to get natural light in photo" and this is the page that came up:

These Swagbucks are automatically added to your account and you don't have to do anything except be signed in.

If you want other ways to build up your Swagbucks balance, you can watch Swag Bucks TV (earn up to $25 a month this way alone), take surveys, find codes in your toolbar, shop through Swag Bucks, sign up for special offers, and enter codes that they release on their blog, on Twitter, and other places.

For the codes that are released, there's a box on the Swagbucks.com home page on the top right side that looks like this:

When you get a code in the toolbar, on Twitter, on the Swag Bucks blog, etc., you'll just copy and paste it into that box to claim your Swag!

Then, after you start accumulating lots of Swagbucks, you can cash them in for hundreds of prizes in the Swag Store, including Amazon gift cards, Starbucks gift cards, electronics, magazines, and more!!  My favorite prize is the $5 Amazon gift card which costs 450 Swagbucks.  I cash in for 5 of these per month (the maximum) and sometimes I also save up for a $50 Amazon gift card (5900 Swagbucks). 

So, Sheha, I hope that helps and if you're not using Swagbucks, sign up today!  After you get comfortable,   you should also check out 5 Ways to Win MORE Swagbucks and Earn up to $25 of Amazon Gift Cards per month from Swag Bucks by Watching SwagbucksTV!

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