Oct 23, 2011

Rose Bakes... A Western Cowboy Cake + Smash Cake

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For Justin's first birthday, the theme was a western/cowboy party! I had so much fun with the details on this cake. For the first tier, it was red velvet cake with cream cheese buttercream and Justin's mom requested that it be blue jeans.

For the blue jeans tier, I used a stitching tool from this Wilton set to get details on the fly, the belt loops, and pockets... and I used edible silver paint and silver dragees for the details on the belt buckle.

The silver paint was not what I expected and I probably won't buy it again, but after several coats, I got the desired effect. The belt itself was Satin Ice Dark/ Chocolate Brown fondant and the yellow rope was homemade marshmallow fondant.

For the middle tier, the decor was a red bandana  and the cake was vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream.   I made homemade "cookie cutters" to cut out the paisleys and then used royal icing for all the white dots.  

For the border, I rolled out a long piece of red fondant (marshmallow fondant with Super Red gel coloring) and then folded the edges under to give it the look of fabric.  


And last... the top tier was chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.   It was covered with marshmallow fondant, then I used  Satin Ice Black Vanilla fondant for the cow print.  

For the border, I made barbed wire out of  Satin Ice Dark/Chocolate Brown fondant and also used that for the wood with his name on it.  I added the silver dragees to look like nail heads and my wood grain impression mat to get the texture.  OH, and I used my clay extruder to make the name.  

For the Sheriff's Badge star on top, I used a large star cookie cutter, then I used a frosting tip (the big end) to cut out the dots. I glued those and the "1" on with sugar glue, then I painted the whole thing with edible gold paint (same brand as mentioned for silver - same opinion... not the best product!).   It took 2 or 3 coats to get the color I wanted... and it still looked a little more brassy than gold, but anyway... it turned out cute.  

I also made a little matching smash cake!  I used fondant for the rope, the spots and the "1" but the white was all buttercream so that little Justin could easily dig in with his hands!!  

When all was said and done... I was in love with this cake!  Be sure to check out all my other cakes and cupcakes here!

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