I talked about some basic cashback options before. Microsoft, like it usually does, came late to the party. It also wanted to started a lucrative cashback referral program and therefore started Live.com.
Let me tell you why Live.com is so unique and how it can work for you. Microsoft likes to make a big entrance when it is late to the party. It decided to one-up all the other referral sites by offering MASSIVE discounts. Microsoft sure does have lots of money. I’d be curious as to how much they’ve poured into their promotions so far.
It has offered ebay buy-it-now purchases cashback rates as high as 35%. The pic above is my live.com account showing how much i’ve earned over the past couple months. The ebay discount has since gone to 8% *EDIT NOW 20%* but there remain many good discounts. For example, there is a nice AT&T discount that you can use for the iPhone.
However, all is not rosy as there have been some glitches with people not receiving the cashback. I have not had any problems but there remains some anxiety on my part. Also, it has traditionally been 60 days before you can claim your money (then several days to transfer it to paypal, and ANOTHER several days from paypal to bank account). Some people have reported instant cashback but this is not consistent.
Regardless, the deals can be so great that I feel the risk is worth it.
Current deals (as of 12/11/08):
Target: 20%
AT&T: 20%
Ebay: 8% *EDIT now 20%*
Drugstore.com: 25%
TigerDirect: 15%
The cashback percentages change at random so you should see for yourself
Sign up for a live.com account
Go to the Live.com website
Search for specific keywords. (Depends on specific store. Use your imagination for the keyword. Sometimes it can be the name of the store that will give you the link. Sometimes you have to use certain product names that the specific store carries)
You are looking for links that show “live search cashback” with a percentage label on it.
Be sure to hit the refresh button on your browser if not successful
When you’ve found what you want, click through the link that you see
Before being directed to the site, you should now see a popup asking for your live.com account info
Go ahead and make your purchase and wait for the cashback
Pros: Great Cashback
Cons: Take a long time to receive the cashback, not completely guaranteed
Please post your experience with this in the comments