I just wanted to summarize all of my blog posts regarding saving money if shopping with Amazon online as well. Amazon often has great prices.

Deciding when to Buy

Amazon prices tend to fluctuate every so often. The key question is whether Amazon is currently offering the best price. Gone are the days of Amazon price adjusting after your purchase.
There are 2 things I will do
PriceSpider is one place I’ll usually check first. This site shows a price history of items listed on Amazon and other stores. You can also sign up for price drop notifications for when the item reaches a certain price. Unfortunately, they don’t always have all the Amazon items that I’m looking for. Regardless, you’ll get a sense of how Amazon’s pricing compares to other stores.
The other thing I find helpful is to use Amazon’s own shopping cart. If you place an item in the cart, every time you look at your shopping cart you will be notified of any price changes on the item. if you check our cart every now and then, you’ll notice how the prices go up and down. This can give you a sense of Amazon’s pricing and when is a good time to buy.
Reducing Your Price Even More
If you’ve decided that it’s a good price, don’t forget to use the Amazon Goldbox trick. Sure, it’s cumbersome and you might have to wait to make your purchase. But a 5% discount might be worth it, especially for more expensive items.
You can save even more money depending on how you pay.
Amazon Chase Credit Card: You should really have this if you shop at Amazon a lot. You get an effective 3% cash back rewards on your Amazon purchases. They have a temporary promotion of an effective 6% cash back rewards. Gift cards are even eligible for the cash back.
Amazon Gift Cards: You might be able to get Amazon gift cards at a great discount. But this is a lot harder now than it used to be.
Shipping Options
Amazon, for a lot of items, offers free shipping if you spend $25. The problem, however, is that their free shipping is VERY slow. If you make a lot of purchases over the year, and might need the item quickly (or are impatient), you should really look into Amazon Prime. You pay a one-time fee, but you get free 2nd-day shipping with the option to pay $3.99 for 1-day shipping. More details about Amazon Prime.
Go ahead and start your Amazon shopping.
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